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How to Mining

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Firstly Register on Minersy!


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Start your mining process and restart it again when your time is up.


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Easily withdraw your earning to wallet.


  • Where is mining done?

    Cloud Mining is done with equipment from "Minersy.com" site and does not take advantage of the power of the user's devices. Mining does not require any CPU, battery, graphics card or other hardware or hardware of any other user device. Users can ONLY manage and view cloud mining transactions from Minersy app. Mining is carried out with equipment owned by Minersy.

  • Why should I constantly restart Minersy?

    Due to the large number of miners working at the same time, the overall mining speed is significantly affected. Due to our limited resources, you have to constantly restart your mining in the given time.

  • My mining speed has slowed down. What is the reason of this?

    The number of our customers using Minersy is constantly increasing. This lowers the overall mining speed for all participants. We distribute the resources of our server to serve all our customers. In addition, we continue to expand our resources for you.

  • How can I increase the mining speed?

    We are currently working on several solutions to enable our customers to increase Miner speed. You can increase your mining speed by purchasing the packages we have arranged for you.

  • Is my device used for mining?

    No. Your device is never used for mining. Our own devices are managed by your commands.